Rezo Robot

Intelligent Automation for Enterprise

Rezo is an AI powered Platform that requires little human intervention and integrates across all channels – emails, social media, live chats, and surveys. Rezo simplify workflows by performing many of the time consuming, manual tasks which humans are unable to perform at the speed and scale required for efficient and effective customer interactions. Rezo is continuously learning, trying to imitate the best agent, automatically replying to mails and freeing up the agents to solve higher value problems.



Supports aggregation of multiple channels
Identifying the top and bottom impacting drivers
Routing basis the content of the ticket
Provides metric for agent performance
Provides customer insights and satisfaction metric
Automation of SOP’s for a faster quick around time

How Rezo Does It

Rezo Brain

Rezo was built with Artificial Intelligence in his core and incorporates machine-learning, natural language processing, predictive analytics, feedback mechanism and other propriety algorithms -- to automate enterprise workflows.

Rezo connects with your customer service console to extract data. It supports data from email, chat, social media, etc. The historic customer transcripts are used to train AI models which identifies the patterns how the tickets were classified, routed and responded. As new tickets arrives, Rezo immediately examines the content and tags the tickets with appropriate customer issue, routes it to the correct agents and recommend responses or does an automated reply. Rezo becomes more intelligent as the system learns and grows with the businesses, automating customer support.

Rezo also helps identify the primary drivers that impact businesses from the customer tickets and calculates a CX score for every driver as well as for the overall business. The score could be used to benchmark against the company’s goals.


Don’t just take it from us, take it from our customers!

Rezo is a new-age smart ticketing solution, supporting customization to suit internal business cases like reading from Kinesis, triggering dynamic code. At the same time, Rezo is able to provide us the barebones functionality that comes with the most popular ticketing tools available commercially. Their development turnaround time is in days vs months for most existing solutions. We are extremely happy to be using Rezo and have implemented 10+ processes to drive productivity with smart dispatch.
Bhavesh Manglani
Co-Founder, Delhivery is a great solution for any customer driven team. It has helped my team to identify the top customer related concerns, thru which I can action the repetitive concerns in the form of help articles.
Sam Samuel
Head (Product Support), LeadSquared

We want to serve students and professionals better every day, which means a faster turnaround time for the queries.’s smart engine not only helped us respond faster, but helped us identify and improve areas which impacts our customers the most.
Paramdeep Singh
Co-Founder, EduPristine


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